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The Podcast Team

Kim           Brad           Jackie

Hello everyone, welcome to our podcast!

In early 2020 we did our first group talk on narcissism, and the requests for more haven't stopped since. What started as a simple heart to help, has developed into a growing passion project. We started this podcast because we encountered so many who are impacted by the damaging effects of narcissism, and we wanted to get our message out there... you're not alone!

The three of us don't only share from a professional perspective, each of our personal lives have been significantly altered and impacted by narcissists as well. We understand the confusion and heartbreak. We understand shattered dreams and crushed hopes. We understand the path of healing and recovery, because it's a path we're all too familiar with.

We're honored you're here, and we welcome you as we navigate all things narcissism.




Kim, Jackie, & Brad

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